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This is an English learning web specially for students of Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School.

English learning in Hong Kong has been a peculiar experience.  The government has poured in tremendous resources and society awarded competent English users generously, yet the majority of young people only speak and write mediocre standard of English.  The rigid predetermined curriculum and the absence of a language environment may be the main culprits but the lack of motivation among students themselves should not be overlooked.  

Speaking of motivation, the recent craze in information technology has brought in new insights and new methods in enlivening lessons and motivating the spoilt kids.  The Internet places English in an international context. For the first time, students see with they own eyes that most of the information on the Internet is in English. With English, they can have a rich source of free information and communicate with people from all over the world.   Besides that, learning from the WWW is less expensive and more convenient than attending classes and buying textbooks.  What's more, in most classes, students have different interests and ability levels.  For students who want to improve their English in specific areas, especially grammar and writing, the computer is a great resource. 

With all these going on, we feel the need to develop a learning platform on the net for our students.  Most of the materials here are taken from the public exam papers; nevertheless, no attempt is made to induce that they are something that must be obeyed absolutely.  Many students are desperately looking for a shortcut to proficiency in English and will seek advice from anyone who claims they know it.   Unfortunately, language learning is cumulative.  Reading newspapers, watching TV and films, listening to the radio and surfing the net will all help you pick up the language.   As students, the best strategy is to participate actively in class and involve as much as possible in whatever activities related to English.  Soon you will find your effort rewarded.

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